Customers comments from a from an independent survey:

“They specify when it will be delivered and then they get on with it”

“They provide value for money and a good service”

“FCN are totally reliable”

“FCN Precision are good at what they do”

“Pricing is competitive, quality is good, on time delivery is good and they are very open with us”

“We have a history with FCN Precision. They know our products and make good products. They have grown with us”

“FCN can be flexible if it’s urgent”

“Certainly a company I would recommend to others – FCN are very professional”

“FCN are experts in what they do. They are competent at very intricate jobs – they are not just a run of the mill firm”

“I’ve known FCN for many years and used them at previous companies”

“I’ve found them easy to work with. I can call and discuss my requirements with Graham or Lee. They help me if I don’t have all the information to give them”